• So Bored

    What do you do when you're bored? Let's make every moment count.

  • Stressed Out

    Yes, life can be tough, but why let anger, frustration, and anxiety take over?

  • Too Much Screen Time

    Too much of a good thing can actually be quite terrible.

Animal Slime Collection

Yes, you can let your cute aggression out on these slimes! Squeeze, pinch, or crush these adorable animal slimes to your hearts desire. Just don't bite!

Food Inspired Slime

Although we're foodies at heart, we would never eat these slimes. As great as they smell and real as they look, not edible in the slightest!

Ninja Slime Collection

Silent, but deadly? Nope. First off, these ninjas are just toys, and secondly, the scents we use on these slimes smell quite amazing! Hehehe.

Hello, I'm Tiffany!

As a mother of four young children and a passionate designer, I discovered a new love for making slime. The endless possibilities of textures, colors, scents, and add-ons captivated me, allowing me to tap into my creative side and escape from the everyday grind.

What I cherish most about slime-making, however, is the quality time it allows me to spend with my children. Many of my current offerings are directly inspired by their unique personalities and interests, so be sure to check them out!