Slime Care

Got questions about your slime? We're here to help!

Did you know the weather can affect your slime?

Your slime's consistency can be affected by the weather outside. If it's hot outside, your slime might be sticky or melted. If it's cold outside, your slime may be stiff. Both of this is totally fixable! 

Why is my slime sticky?

Slimes may arrive sticky especially when exposed to hot weather in transit. We recommend you giving the slime the chance to cool down for a few hours after delivery before playing. 

If it's still sticky after cooling down, simply spray 1-2 pumps of the Slime Activator Pen (included in your order) onto the slime and knead until the liquid is mixed in completely. Repeat this process until you reached the desired texture.

WARNING: Be careful not to over-activate your slime or it will become stiff. 

Clear slimes are tacky in nature making it a bit more difficult to handle than other slimes. We do not recommend clear slimes for those who are new to slime or little kids.

Why is my slime stiff?

The cold weather may cause the slime to become stiff.

For clear slimes, place your slime in an airtight container in a warm place for a few days for it to soften.

For all other slimes, knead a pea size portion of lotion, three drops of baby oil, or a tiny drop of glycerin into your slime until you've reached your desired texture.

How do I care for my slime?

Follow these rules to maximize the longevity of your slime:
  • Always wash and dry your hands before and after playing with the slime.
  • Play on a non-porous surfaces.
  • Always place the slime back into it's container or an airtight container.
  • Slimes do melt overtime and it is recommended to re-activate your slime frequently to keep it in it's desired consistency.

I got slime on my carpet. How do I remove it?

Slime is easily removed by mixing one part white vinegar to one part water. It is recommended to test a small spot before working on the whole area. Simply spray the mixture on the slime and rub until the slime comes off. 

Is slime edible?

Slime is definitely not edible. DO NOT EAT SLIME!!!